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Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttrakhand, India

Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttrakhand, India

Valley of Flowers is a vibrant and splendid national park reposing in West Himalayas. Nestled in Uttarakhand, this alluring place is famous for its charming meadows of alpine flowers. Endowed with a diverse range of endemic flora, it is picturesque in its beauty. This lush region is also home to some rare and endangered animal species. You may spot animals like Asiatic black deer, snow leopard, musk deer, red fox, brown bear and blue sheep. High in the lofty Himalayas of the Garhwal region sprawls this enchanting valley. Legends believe it to be the place from where Hanuman had collected the Sanjeevani buti for curing Lakshmana. This place has floral pastures, running streams and beautiful backdrop of the mountains.

Valley of Flowers in July

Pushpawati river bed 6 kilometers inside Valley of Flowers. Kindly observe the pink shade on the river bed . This pink shade is of a colony of a beautiful flower called Epilobium Latifolium or River Beauty.

It’s a core zone of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. A colossal expanse of 87.5 sq kms and myriad alpine flowers makes this place a colorful paradise. Perched at an altitude of 3658 mts above sea level, Bhyundar Valley is the home to this surreal place. Historically, the beauty of the place was unknown to world until in 1931, three British mountaineers came here. They lost their way and happened to discover this alluring valley and named it Valley of Flowers. Later in the year 1939, Joan Margaret Legge, a botanist arrived here to study flowers. She was deputed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Krew but she lost her life by slipping from the rocky terrain. Her sister later came here and erected a memorial near the spot.

Emerald mountain ranges, green meadows and white clouds fuse to create a dreamlike locale called Valley of Flowers. Cascading waterfalls are abundant while you’re traversing towards the valley. Declared as the National Park in 1982, the vibrant valley is a world heritage site as well. The pristine beauty, mystical surroundings lures nature lovers, photographers and botanists.

Valley of Flowers remains covered with a thick blanket of snow during the winter season. It is in full bloom during July, August and September. This is the best time to explore the splendor of this magnificent place. The aqua waters of Pushpawati River bifurcates the valley into two parts. Dew drops of flowers, the rhythmic sound of flowing water and the romantic breeze can be enjoyed by the visitors during the period of July to September. As per the local beliefs, this valley was inhabited by fairies. No wonder, it’s a fairy land.

Ghangaria is the base camp for the trek to Valley of Flowers. It has private lodges and hotels for accommodation. One cannot stay at Valley of flowers, therefore Ghangaria remains an ideal place to relax and sleep. It is managed and administered by the Uttarakhand State Forestry Department and Ministry of Environment and Forests. Settlement in this park is not allowed and grazing is also banned since 1983.

A beautiful world awaits here at the endearing spot. We offer attractive trekking packages and arrangements for all budgets. You could book online and avail great prices. It’s a wonderland of natural beauty that shouldn’t be missed.

Location of Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers national park is located near Badrinath in Chamoli district, Garhwal region of Uttrakhand state in India. It is about 300 Kilometers from Haridwar and 500 kilometers from New Delhi. We have made a dedicated page on How to reach Valley of Flowers. This page explains in detail the distances, mode of transportation and other guidelines along with lots of photographs.

Opening and Closing dates of Valley of Flowers.

The park officially opens every 1st June and closes on 4th October. Actually, valley and its surrounding area are snow clad for most of the year and it become accessible only by June and since snow fall starts by last week of September or first week of October the valley is closed during that time.

Opening and closing times of Valley of Flowers.

In the morning one can enter at 7.00 a.m. and the last entry is allowed by 2.00 p.m. You should come back by 5.00 p.m. We advise you to start your trek backward by 2.00 p.m. if you entered at 7.00 a.m.

Best time to visit Valley of Flowers

You can visit on our page on Best time to visit Valley of Flowers for detailed information.

Valley of Flowers in May

Valley of Flowers in June

Valley of Flowers is Snow Clad. This is the time when snow in the Valley starts melting and the seeds of the last years’ plants starts germinating and by the month of July the Valley of Flowers will be in full bloom.

Valley of Flowers in July

Valley of Flowers in July

This is the time when you can see the lush green color of Valley of Flowers, flowers are in full bloom the pink shade in the picture is hude colony of Epilobium

Valley of Flowers in August

Valley of Flowers in August

As time passes, plants get matured and lessor number of flowers are visible. Leaves of the plants starts turning yellowish green/peach in color.

Valley of Flowers in September

Valley of Flowers in September.

This is the last phase of valley when it is accessible to general public. Soon snowfall will start in the month of the October, and it will be snow clad again and all the seeds put down by plants will be preserved under snow to germinate again in next season when snow starts melting in May.

Valley of Flowers entry fee

Entry fee for Valley of Flowers

Entry Fee for Valley of Flowers

Indian need to pay Rs. 150 and foreigners Rs. 600 (approx. $12) for a three day pass to the valley. Charges for an additional day are Rs. 50 for Indian and Rs. 250 (approx. $5) for a foreigners. Carrying a still camera is free irrespective of its quality as professional or non-professional.Taking a non-professional video camera is also free. However Indians need to pay Rs. 500 and Foreigners Rs. 1500 for taking in a professional video camera. Also there are charges for making a feature film or documentary film; Indians need to pay Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 10,000 per day and foreigners Rs. 200,000 and Rs. 30,000 per day respectively. You may check this out in the picture.

We organize trekking tours to Valley of Flowers. to visit Valley of Flowers kindly fill in your contact details on “contact us” form. we will contact you soon

Best time to visit valley of flowers

Detailed analysis of what is the best time to visit valley of flowers with picutes and videos of the valley in different seasons. Valley of flowers is accessible only for four months in a year and changes its colors, weather and the flowers very rapidly in these four months so it is very important to know what is the best time to visit valley of flowers.

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of valley categorized according to flowers with their colors (Detailed properties, flowering season and where you will find these flowers in the valley has also been given), landscape gallery, gallery of earlier groups taken by us to the valley. These group galleries are also important to decide about the best time to visit as you can see the landscapes in the background in different dates. A must visit page to see the real beauty of the valley.

how to reach valley of flowers

This page explains you how to reach valley of flowers from New Delhi. What are the different ways of transport available on the way, what are the different ways available to skip trekking. On which day the ponies and porters available and when the helicopter will be available between Govindghat and Ghangaria.


Detailed list of things to carry on your trek to valley of flowers, if you miss even one important thing on your trip you life may become hell. You are going on a trekking trip and in a very remote area so a must read for every one willing to go to the valley of flowers.


Detailed day wise itinerary for the trek to valley of flowers. The distance to be covered, altitude gains and mode of transportation to be used has been given in this page. This itinerary has been designed using our years of experience. You may also follow the same.


This is a Travelogue written our client Dr. Tapan Charkrobarty who was 63 years of age when he went with us to the valley in August 2012. A live unedited version of his experience with us. He is an Emeritus Scientist with CSIR-NEERI at Nagpur. You will like to read his experience.

Hotel booking for valley of flowers

You can book a hotel in Ghangaria from us for your trip to valley of flowers. Prices of the hotel rooms are available here. Pictures of the hotel have also been given. You may find this page helpful if you are not taking a package and going of your own.


Here is the blog of the author of this website. You can browse through is posts written on various dates. These posts have helpful content for planning your trip to the Valley of Flowers.

Frequently ask questions

There are many questions asked by visitors on our site, some of the common and important are answered here. There are some important questions which are important but you may not even think of them are also given here. For eg can you bring your kids to the valley ? Read through this page to know the answers of all of them.


Valley of flowers is our passion and we started this site as a hobby and we have started organizing tours to the valley 5 years back. The author of this website Mr Devkant Sangwan accompanies you to the valley personally so that you do not miss out anything. Read our upcoming tours to the valley and if interested to join us please contact us.



There are many senior citizens willing to come to the valley, whether they can come and what are the precautions they should take before coming here? What are the various options available to avoid trekking and where these options are available? If someone is a senior citizen in your group please read this page before planning to come to the valley.


Appropriate type of shoes are very important for your trip to the valley. Detailed explanation of the appropriate type of shoes for the trip is given here with pictures of terrain. The season in which you are going to the valley is also an important factor to decide the right type of shoes.


There are many couples who want to come to the valley but their child is too young. This page explains the minimum age to visit the valley. Should you bring your kids to this trip? What are the precautions to be taken on this trip if you bring your kids?


Most of the tour operators and individual going to the valley have only one day for the valley in their itinerary. Is one day sufficient to see the valley entirely or you need more days? We take you to the valley for two days. Check out the reasons why you need two days for the valley with pictures of what people do on first day?


Valley of flowers trek requires one to trek for minimum of four days. This page explains the difficulty of the trek on these different days. What are the other options available on these days to skip trekking? Can a first time trekker do this trek?


There were massive floods in Uttarakhand in June 2013. Devkant Sangwan has been to the valley after the floods and clicked the pictures and videos of the valley after the floods. Many websites say that the valley has been washed away in the floods but it is totally a false and irresponsible statement. Read this post with many pictures and photographs of the valley taken in October 2013.

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    I was really disappointed by the news that VOF is no more. Thanks to God that I encountered your blog about VOF and giving me some hope.
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    Thank You…!

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      Hello Deepa,

      We have lot of fixed departures this season. We have departures every Sunday from Haridwar from July to September. I have sent you detailed itinerary and other details on you mail ID. If possible contact me on my phone numbers given in the mail. I will accompany the groups personally.

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    we are couple. My wife is very much intrested to visit the place. She is been asking for me from long time. So, I decided to take her to this time, if everything goes well we are planning to visit in August. My priority question is, is it safe for couple to travel as I don’t want to take any chance with my wife’s safety, this was my main reason to delay the tour. As I now come across your website, I feel it will be fine to take her to her dream place. Please let me know is it safe. Thanks in advance.


    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      Hello Narashimha,
      I think you care you wife a lot. Me and my wife has been going to this place for many years and still ok. Even senior citizens can so this place. Actually there are many factors responsible for deciding about the safety on your trip to valley of flowers, for eg different type of diseases combined with age factor. You can talk to me personally on +91 9992756910 and +91 8950969292.

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