Pleurospermum candollei

Pleurospermum candollei in Valley of Flowers

The species name Candollii is on the owner of Augustin Pyramus de Candolle, Swiss Botanist.

Pleurospermum candollei is an annual herb of 10 to 25 cm tall. Stems are hollow with leaf bases on the lower parts. Leaves are compound 1.3-3 cm long, leaflets are broad and sinuately toothed. Flowers are white in color and involucres of 10 to 15 bractlets which are even longer than the flowers with broad white color margin and a greenish mid rib.

English Name

Paper Cup Flower

Local Name




Flowering time

June to September


At alpine slopes and open grassland, rock crevices.


The fruits for used for the treatment of flatulence, dyspepsia, renal diseases and in stomach ache.

Location in the Valley of Flowers

This Flower is generally not found in Valley of Flowers. However, you can find this flower on the bank of Hemkund Sahib Lake. This flowers is found an altitude range of 3500-4800 m. This picture was taken on 5th September, 2012 at Hemkund Sahib Lake.

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Best Time to visit Valley of Flowers

Best Time To Visit Valley of Flowers

The best time to visit valley of flowers depends upon your liking as the valley is always beautiful. If you want to see maximum number of flowers July and August is a good time, if you want to see lot of glaciers you should visit in June, to see Brahamkamal flowers at Hemkud August and September is a good time.

Valley of Flowers Trek Itinerary

Valley of flowers trek itinerary

Detailed itinerary for valley of flowers trek explaining the day wise altitude gain, distance travelled, mode of transportation available and time required to travel between different destinations. Guidance on various options available to skip trekking between Govindghat and Ghangaria.

Valley of Flowers Tour Packages

Valley of flowers Tour Packages

We also provide packages for trek to Valley of flowers. If you wish to come with us you can visit this page to see our offers and departures to the valley in upcoming season.

Valley of Flowers Photo Gallery

Valley of flowers Photo Gallery

We have been going to valley for many years and have lot of pictures of the valley of flowers and our groups, they are classified in various galleries like flowers gallery, birds’ gallery, earlier groups gallery, landscapes and many more, just surf through our galleries to have a virtual tour to valley of flowers.

Things to carry for the Valley of Flowers Trek

Things to carry for trek to valley of flowers

When you are on a trekking tour you should know what are the things to carry for the trek. We have many years of experience and based on that experience we have made a list of things to carry for trek to valley of flowers.

How to reach Valley of Flowers

How to Reach Valley of flowers

It is important to know before starting the trip that how to reach valley of flowers? How many days are required for the trip to the valley? Distances between various points and time required to travel between them.

Frequently asked questions About the Valley

senior citiezens in valley of flowers

Can senior citizens visit valley of flowers?

Senior citizens also want to come to this heaven on earth but they are confused about whether they can do it or not. We have been taking senior citizens to the valley of flowers. There are options of helicopter and ponies to skip trekking.

shoes appropriate for the valley of flowers trek

What type of shoes is appropriate for valley of flowers ?

When you go for trek you should wear appropriate type of shoes so that your main concentration is on trekking and enjoying nature. We have seen that shoes of many people breaks while trekking and sometimes people develop blisters.

minimum age to visit Valley of Flowers

Minimum age to visit valley of flowers

Whether kids can do the trek to Valley of Flowers or not? What is the minimum age requirement to visit the valley of flowers? Please read this full page to get the answer to this question. Couples with young children willing to visit valley of flowers can go through this page.

Number of days required to see valley of flowers

Number of Days required in seeing Valley of Flowers

Minimum number of days recommended going for trek to Valley of Flowers. Why we need an extra day for the trip. Read full report with pictures of the valley.

how difficult is Valley of Flowers Trek

How difficult is Valley of flowers trek.

Trek difficulty of the Valley of Flowers trek. Vital statistics are given here. How much altitude is to be gained every day while trekking? How much distance is to be covered every day? What is Fitness level required for the trek?

Valley of Flowers after Floods

Valley of flowers after floods.

Valley of flowers has witnessed a massive flood in 2013. We were the first to report that the flowering area of the valley is totally intact. Now the valley of flowers has become again accessible and all the treks and bridges have been reconstructed.

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Roscoea alpina

Roscoea alpina

Roscoea alpina is a herb of 10-15 cm height with thick tuberous roots. Stems have papery bracts below the sessile leaves. Leaves are elliptic lanceolate. Flowers are deep purple in color and they become pale purple on ageing. The specific name epithet Alpina refers to inhabitation of this species in Alpine regions.

Status : Endangered

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