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How to reach Valley of Flowers ?

How to reach Valley of Flowers ?

How to reach Valley of flowers from New Delhi:-

Reaching Valley of flowers from Delhi requires 7 days and 6 nights in total and we can divide it into following segments.

Reaching from New Delhi to Haridwar:

Distance 200 kilometers.

You can reach Haridwar from New Delhi by road or by train. Air-conditioned Volvo buses are available from New Delhi to Haridwar. You can take bus from Anand Vihar Inter State Bus Terminus at New Delhi. If you are not so particular about Air-conditioned bus then you may get a bus every ten minutes from New Delhi. It takes almost 5-6 hours from New Delhi to Haridwar by bus.

The second option is you hire a taxi from New Delhi to Haridwar. It is a bit costly affair as they charge both ways for dropping only. But if you 3-4 people minimum this is also a good idea. The last option is going by train. If you are starting from New Delhi you can get a train easily from New Delhi but bookings are to be done well in Advance. You can check train availability from New Delhi to Haridwar by clicking here. But if you are coming from other parts of India kindly try to book your tickets for a direct train to Haridwar only.
You should reach Haridwar by evening as you need to start early (not later than 5.30 AM) the next day for the trip. Train is the best option but if you did not have train reservation you can go in for air-conditioned Volvo bus.




Reaching from Haridwar to Govindghat.

Distance 300 kilometers.

This is the day when you have option of going by road only. The whole day you will be traveling along Alaknanda River and the whole journey will be in hills. So take a tablet for vomiting if you are prone to that. Public transport is not so good in this region and since you need to travel for at least 10-12 hrs by road you need to have a comfortable vehicle. Hiring a vehicle from Haridwar is a good idea and they charge for the whole trip of 6 days. Getting dropped and sending them back is not a good idea as while coming back it would be difficult to get a taxi from Govindghat or Badrinath.

The best idea is to go in for an organized trip by a professional organizer or hire a taxi for the trip. (You can contact us for any of the need). Reach Govindghat by evening. And prepare yourself for tomorrow’s trek. Sleep early and divide your luggage in to two parts. You can leave some luggage at Govindghat which you dont need at Ghangaria.

Haridwar to Govindghat

Haridwar to Govindghat

Rudraprayag the confluence or river Alaknanda and Mandakini. The left river is Mandakini.

Rudraprayag the confluence or river Alaknanda and Mandakini. The left river is Mandakini.

Reaching from Govindghat to Ghangaria.

Total Distance 14 kilometers.

The motor-able road ends at Govindghat. Ghangaria is the common base camp for trek to Valley of flowers and Hemkund Sahib. It is a small village where there are some basic hotels. In 2012 the electricity reached this village and now you can expect some electric charging facility for your camera cells in Ghangaria.



From Govindghat you have got four options to reach Ghangaria. They are:-
  • By trekking
  • By pony.
  • By porter/porters.
  • By Helicopter.

Reaching Ghangaria from Govindghat by trekking.

To reach Ghangaria from Govindghat by trekking you should start your trek as early as possible but not later than 8:00 AM. Have a good breakfast before starting and carry fewer luggages or hire a porter. If you are hiring a porter kindly make sure to be with him all the time for your own benefit. You may need things on the way like umbrella, eatables or camera on the way. Do not put any valuable in luggage with porter. Do not be in haste to reach Ghangaria as you will more tired, just enjoy the beauty of nature and keep clicking photographs. You will reach Ghangaria by evening. Stay in a pre-booked hotel. (Contact us to book a hotel in Ghangaria).

Pulna Village in the way Govindghat to Ghangaria

Pulna Village in the way Govindghat to Ghangaria

Reaching Ghangaria from Govindghat by Pony.

Ponies take approximately four hours to reach Ghangaria. So can have a luxury to start by 9.00 AM from Govindghat. But we recommend you to start early and reach Ghangaria by 12.00 noon and enter Valley of flowers today only to finish the micro level photography of the first kilometer of Valley of flowers. This step will give you more time for tomorrow for valley of flowers when you will explore the deeper parts of Valley of Flowers. Valley of flowers entry closes at 2.00 PM so be there at enterance before that.

Govindghat to Ghangaria by pony

Govindghat to Ghangaria by pony

Govindghat to Ghangaria

Govindghat to Ghangaria

The entry ticket costs Rs. 150 for Indian nationals and Rs. 600 for foreigners. But good news is that this ticket is valid for three days, so dont need to take a ticket tomorrow. Come out of the gate before 5.00 PM.

Reaching Ghangaria from Govindghat by Porter/Porters.

If you a senior citizen or an old age person you dont want to trek for any reason and the Helicopter is not flying due to bad weather you can hire a porter or group of four porters who can carry a person. Single porter is recommended for a light weight person upto a weight of 50 kilograms. The pictures will explain the facility in a better way. Even you can hire single porter for children with you. Reach Govindghat by evening and stay in a pre-booked hotel. (Contact us to book a hotel in Ghangaria).

Govindghat to Ghangaria

Govindghat to Ghangaria

Govindghat to Ghangaria

Govindghat to Ghangaria

Reaching Ghangaria from Govindghat by Helicopter.

This is the fastest way to reach Ghangaria from Govindghat. But in the month of July and August the flying of the Helicopter is very uncertain due to bad weather. So the availability of helicopter is very uncertain. You can not plan your self accordingly. But if you can get a helicopter you can save both time and energy but you will be deprived of the beauty of nature from Govindghat to Ghangaria. We dont recommend this mode as you have come to this place for nature and not for luxury.

Now you have reached the base camp Ghangaria, for the trek to Valley of flowers.
Govindghat to Ghangaria

Govindghat to Ghangaria

Reaching Valley of flowers from Ghangaria :

Basically you need to trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria. But for older, physically weak and children porters are available. Ponies are not allowed in Valley of flowers. Get up early in the morning the day and get ready for breakfast by 6.00 AM and finish your breakfast by 6.30 AM so as to reach Valley of flowers entry gate before 7.00 AM. Valley of flowers entry gate opens at 7.00 AM and you need to be back by 5.00 PM. Today be punctual so as to explore as much as possible. This is the most crucial day of the trip. You should explore the maximum area of Valley of flowers. Even local guides are not interested in taking you to core and the most beautiful part of valley of flowers. Since you are spending a lot of time and taking lot of pain to reach Valley of flowers, you should not miss the main beauty of Valley of flowers. We take you to the core area of Valley of flowers (Provided you have enough stamina and speed). Kindly contact us to book your seat with us at a reasonable price. As this is our hobby turned into profession. We love our job and you can expect the best of the services.

Porter carrying a lady to Valley of flowers

Porter carrying a lady to Valley of flowers

Best Time to visit Valley of Flowers

Best Time To Visit Valley of Flowers

The best time to visit valley of flowers depends upon your liking as the valley is always beautiful. If you want to see maximum number of flowers July and August is a good time, if you want to see lot of glaciers you should visit in June, to see Brahamkamal flowers at Hemkud August and September is a good time.

Valley of Flowers Trek Itinerary

Valley of flowers trek itinerary

Detailed itinerary for valley of flowers trek explaining the day wise altitude gain, distance travelled, mode of transportation available and time required to travel between different destinations. Guidance on various options available to skip trekking between Govindghat and Ghangaria.

Valley of Flowers Tour Packages

Valley of flowers Tour Packages

We also provide packages for trek to Valley of flowers. If you wish to come with us you can visit this page to see our offers and departures to the valley in upcoming season.

Valley of Flowers Photo Gallery

Valley of flowers Photo Gallery

We have been going to valley for many years and have lot of pictures of the valley of flowers and our groups, they are classified in various galleries like flowers gallery, birds’ gallery, earlier groups gallery, landscapes and many more, just surf through our galleries to have a virtual tour to valley of flowers.

Things to carry for the Valley of Flowers Trek

Things to carry for trek to valley of flowers

When you are on a trekking tour you should know what are the things to carry for the trek. We have many years of experience and based on that experience we have made a list of things to carry for trek to valley of flowers.

How to reach Valley of Flowers

How to Reach Valley of flowers

It is important to know before starting the trip that how to reach valley of flowers? How many days are required for the trip to the valley? Distances between various points and time required to travel between them.

Frequently asked questions About the Valley

senior citiezens in valley of flowers

Can senior citizens visit valley of flowers?

Senior citizens also want to come to this heaven on earth but they are confused about whether they can do it or not. We have been taking senior citizens to the valley of flowers. There are options of helicopter and ponies to skip trekking.

shoes appropriate for the valley of flowers trek

What type of shoes is appropriate for valley of flowers ?

When you go for trek you should wear appropriate type of shoes so that your main concentration is on trekking and enjoying nature. We have seen that shoes of many people breaks while trekking and sometimes people develop blisters.

minimum age to visit Valley of Flowers

Minimum age to visit valley of flowers

Whether kids can do the trek to Valley of Flowers or not? What is the minimum age requirement to visit the valley of flowers? Please read this full page to get the answer to this question. Couples with young children willing to visit valley of flowers can go through this page.

Number of days required to see valley of flowers

Number of Days required in seeing Valley of Flowers

Minimum number of days recommended going for trek to Valley of Flowers. Why we need an extra day for the trip. Read full report with pictures of the valley.

how difficult is Valley of Flowers Trek

How difficult is Valley of flowers trek.

Trek difficulty of the Valley of Flowers trek. Vital statistics are given here. How much altitude is to be gained every day while trekking? How much distance is to be covered every day? What is Fitness level required for the trek?

Valley of Flowers after Floods

Valley of flowers after floods.

Valley of flowers has witnessed a massive flood in 2013. We were the first to report that the flowering area of the valley is totally intact. Now the valley of flowers has become again accessible and all the treks and bridges have been reconstructed.

43 comments on “How to reach Valley of Flowers ?
  1. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan parag sharma says:

    send me the mail regarding the trek in june and july

  2. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Raj says:

    hey me n my friend want to visit valley of flowers, but my friend wants to play with snow ,which is the best time to visit both flower n snow ,,we are planing to com in June month or July ,,please give the cost details ,,we are from Bangalore,, how to come there,,,

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      A detailed mail has been sent to you. Please check, to see flowers and snow both you can come in our first departure, on 28th June, 2015

  3. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Sonali sipani says:

    Hi we are a group of 9. Which is the best time to come as we want to see snow and flowers…what is the cost of full package from Badrinath ???? we want good hotel …

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      Please read page to know the best time for the trip. A detailed mail has been sent to you regarding itinerary and cost.

  4. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Rajesh Nandy says:

    Can I visit there in oct, 2015? I am with family and kids of 4 years. Plz mention me the tariff and also helecopter fair.

  5. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Kinshuk Ghosh says:


    We are a group of 7 young friends.We are planning to visit valley of flowers in june,15.Is this the right time to visit there to see flowers and snow both?
    Please suggest the way and share your views what should we do.

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      If you want to see both flowers and snow you should visit in last week of June, you can come in the first departure. I have already sent you a detailed itinerary and cost.

  6. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Om says:


    I am solo physically fit budget traveller. Visiting next week.

    Starting from 24 from delhi and ending on 31aug at delhi..

    Please help me with plan and cost.. Thanks.

  7. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan dushyant singh says:

    me and my friend are planning a road trip on bikes. hows the road till Govindghat? are there any hotel/rest house between haridwar and govindghat?

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      There are many hotels on the way, but going by bike is not recommended in monsoon season, there will be landslides and mud slides on the way.

  8. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Sushil Kumar says:

    I’m planning to go to VOF on 12 Aug’14, can you tell me how is the weather out there right now, i saw in the news (couple of weeks ago) that its been raining heavily in Uttrakhand and flooding everywhere.

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      Monsoon is the best season for trek to valley of flowers. Do not be afraid of news as weather changes very rapidly all matters is the weather of the day you travel between Haridwar and Govindgaht.

  9. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Bharat Kumar says:

    9711006719- our plan is from 22nd to 25th Aug

  10. i liked this page very much but m afraid its very difficult to go there at the valley of flowers now a days as there had happend the kedar tragedy….

    Kindly inform about the real and true situation.Can i now visit there.

  11. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan dr vartika singh says:

    hey…we are a family of 4 adults and will be accompanied by our parents who are in their 50’s.can u please mail me the details…thanks..

  12. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Ambily says:

    Devkant, we are 2 of us traveling from Bangalore to visit the Valley of Flowers. We reach Govindghat from Dehra Dun on July 26th. The plan is to trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers. Our return from Dehra Dun is on July 29th, could you pls help with an itinerary(including stay options)

    Thank you!

  13. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan KMisra says:

    We need to plan a slightly shorter trip, in the second week of July. We want to leave Delhi on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning and be back in Delhi on Sunday afternoon / evening. Is this possible?

    Could you please mail me an affordable itinerary with related costs?

  14. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Govind says:

    I need more information about the accommodation and tour plan. We are 6 persons with 3 kids planning to visit valley of flowers. Also how safe the journey would be for families? will it be suitable for kind below age 3-4?

  15. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Rahul Gupta says:

    We are planning to visit in last week of July’14, can you send me all the details on email. For now, we are group of 2-3 folks, may increase once we get some more details.

    Planning for 1 week – 10 days trip.

  16. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan R.Vaidya says:

    do you have any tour in 1st -2nd week of july?we are family of four adult with parents 50 plus.we will be coming from mumbai to haridwar via delhi.

  17. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Vyoma says:

    Hi, I am planning to visit the valley of flowers with my friends from Delhi in August. I need your help in customizing my plan. Also, If you can help us with cabs and also hotels to stay.
    My tentative days to visit iwll be from 14th Aug – 19th Aug.
    Also, there will be girls in my group. So, i need your suggestion in how difficult the trekking path is? Will they be able to trek it.
    Please Suggest.

    Your help will be appreciated.


    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      I will send a separate mail to answer all your questions. You can read How difficult is Valley of flowers trek. for more details.

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan SWAPNA RAY says:


      Bengali Travel writer in Kolkata. Going Valley of Flower and Hemkund this August’ 2014. Starting from Kolkata on 15th August to go to Delhi – Hardwar – Joshimath – Gobindaghat – Ghangaria- Hemkund-Ghangaria-Valley of Flowers- Ghangaria-Gobindghat-Joshimath-Hardwar- New Delhi.

      Swapna Ray

  18. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan sreenivasa says:

    Hi Devkant,
    If I am planning to drive from southern india, can you suggest route without touching delhi? Is nainital to joshimath/ agra to joshimath route ok?

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      You need to come to Delhi if coming to Valley of flowers. You can take direct flight to Dehradun. Both of the routes you suggested are not recommended.

  19. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Subhra says:

    I am Subhra from Bangalore planning for Valley of Flowers on 1st July with my brother kindly give me the cheapest option available as both of us are students. Like using public transport where ever possible.

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      Public transport is very bad on this route, however some shared cabs are available at Rishikesh near Gurudwara. They start early morning from there. You can get your hotel rooms booked with us and the information is provided free of cost. Feel free the contact us on our phone numbers given on our contact us page.

  20. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan tanmoy roy says:

    hi its Tanmoy here from kolkata. we are planning trekking trip on 17.07.2013. but we are cpl so we need a another partner for our cost share. if any body interested plz contact me. 08342871855

    • If any one is willing to visit valley of flowers during this period may contact his mobile number given above. This website belongs to everyone who is a nature lover and willing to help another nature lover. For any help contact me at +91 9992756910

  21. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan hitmoments says:

    wanted to know if there are any fees for camcoder and still camera?

    • Kindly visit section of home page. Still camera of all type is free and for professional movie camera Indians need to pay Rs. 500 per day and foreigners Rs. 1500 per day. The above link also has a picture original sign board at Valley of flowers entry gate, it may be useful for you.

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